Iran-Women Rights by Maryam Rajavi

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The NCRI with Maryam Rajavi as our President Elect has been fighting for women’s rights for Iranian women for many years. The rights for women are stated in the 10 point plan for women’s rights.

Maryam Rajavi Welcomed in Albania by PMOI members
Maryam Rajavi is welcomed in Albanian by PMOI members

It is well known that the rights of women are non-existing in the mullahs regime, Maryam Rajavi is the determent to change this as soon as the mullahs are removed from power.


In tomorrow’s Iran, women will have the same rights under the law as the men, they will also enjoy the same rights to any education they desire. And most important to women will be, that she can choose what clothes to wear, or if she wants to wear a hijab or not. The most important issue for Mrs. Rajavi is that women will be equal to men on all subjects, a woman can become a politician if she wants to, in fact, Mrs. Rajavi wants a law that states that 50 % of the government must be women, The leadership of the NCRI shows that under the leadership of women there can be changes that are beneficiary for the whole society. Mrs. Rajavi also states that women shall also receive equal pay as men for equal work. Women must enjoy the same social benefits as men.
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A woman must have the right to daycare for her children if she is working and she will have a right to maternity leave during pregnancy and after delivery. Mrs. Rajavi is also clear on the subject of marriage, no woman shall be forced to marry without her consent, she will be free to choose her own spouse. She will also have the right to divorce her spouse if she wishes. But one of the most important rights that Mrs. Rajavi has stated is the abolition of child marriage, no child under age can be forced into marriage. Every day at least 2000 women are arrested because of violation of dress code this is is a major violation of women’s rights and will be abolished in the future Iran.

The Sharia law will be repealed under the rule of Mrs. Rajavi, she states that the new law in Iran will be based on Human rights and democracy. She is also firm in her statement to abolish death penalties such as stoning and hanging.  She is clear in her view that these are medieval punishments and have no place in a free and democratic Iran. Any violence against women such as domestic violence, rape or coercion will be considered a crime.

The ones that will change Iran is the women, and the mullahs know this, that is why they have put so many restrictions on women but it will fail. Iran will rise again with Maryam Rajavi at the helm and women will no longer be second class citizens but equal to men under the law. Iranian resistance remains committed to struggle to free Iran for women.

Inhuman punishments in Iran

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The justice in Iran is stuck in the dark ages, the sentence, stoning of a man and a woman is proof of that. This is disgusting and cruel. This is unfortunately not uncommon in Iran. This took place in Lorestan province on Feb 4th this year. Another barbaric punishment is the sentence for a 70-year-old man to get his fingers amputated. This makes me so angry, I am asking myself, what is wrong with these people? they are behaving like animals.

Another barbaric medieval sentence is that of two brothers, in addition to life in prison they get flogged and get hand amputations. Also, a young woman in Tehran has been sentenced to a year in exile and 99 lashes for talking with a man on the phone.

Amputations of hands or feet are not unusual in Iran, the regime is using this barbaric punishment in an attempt to stop people from committing crimes. This is an act of torture and the culprits must be brought to justice, the Iranian regime must be punished for their crimes against the Iranian people.

Another cruel sentence is that of a young man who is sentenced to have his eyes gouged out. The 27-year-old man identified as Hamed has been sentenced to have his both eyes gouged out because he accidently injured someone’s eye when he was helping his father who was in a car accident. This sentence is particularly disgusting because it is an act of revenge which has no place in a civilized society.
Another cruel and medieval punishment is that of parading young men and women chained to each other to humiliate them in front of the community. The only result this gives is that of an angry population that is showing their discontent with the regime in an increase of protests all over Iran, people are fed up with the mullahs and wants a regime change, in other words, they want the mullahs gone.

This is yet another proof that the clerical regime must be removed from power in Iran. if they do not go voluntarily we must remove them with force. The Iranian people deserves to live in freedom and democracy but for that to happen the Iranian resistance must be heard and the president must be elected by the people for the people. when NCRI is present in the new Iranian government these types of punishments will be abolished and the death penalty will be a bad memory from the tyranny of the despotic clerical Islamic regime. The NCRI has a ten point plan that is based on the human rights bill and that is the only option for a free and democratic Iran.

What is the meaning of Swedish women with hijab in Iran?

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It is with great disbelief I watch the Swedish delegation enters Iran. The women who are in the front line fighting for women’s rights bends over and great the Iranian delegates wearing HIJAB, I had to look twice to believe this. I ask the Swedish ladies: How could you sell out all that you are fighting…

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The courageous people of Ahvaz is still protesting.

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The residents of Khuzestan province decided that they would no longer live on their knees but took a stand against the clerical dictators in Tehran. the protests are in its 6th day and it does not seem that the mullahs regime fully understand the gravity of these protests and what impact it will have on their regime. this marks the beginning of the end of the dictators in Tehran, the mullahs will fall and the brave people in Ahvaz and Khuzestan province will be the ones who started the process.

Before we buried under the soil, wake up, uprise


it is now of most importance that the rest of Iran unites with the protesters in Khuzestan against the mullahs regime and stand together against the dictators. As soon as the regime understood that the people would not stop protesting they have lowered the speed of the internet to prevent people upload videos and pictures of the protests, and they have summoned riot police from the neighboring provinces and the Basij militia to try to take control of the situation.


The regime’s answer to the protesters is not that of a solution to their problems but more in the line of “if you do not stop protesting we will use military force to silence your protests”  this is the only type of response that the regime will give the people, mostly because the regime has no interest in providing solutions to the residents in the area because it will mean that there will be less money pouring into the mullahs pockets and that is not an option for the mullahs. the regime has been exploiting the area of Khuzestan province up to a point where they can be compared with the likes of parasites.
The exploitation of Iran’s wealth will not stop before the mullahs are removed from power in Tehran.
On Thursday, February 16th, a number of undercover agents viciously attacked hundreds of people rallying in Teheran’s Vanak Square in support of the protesters in Khuzestan,  they arrested four women.
the NCRI is giving their unconditional support to the protesters and urging them to continue with the rallies. Saluting courageous people, youth and women of Khuzestan, especially distressed people of Ahvaz, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi asked them to intensify their just protests and to insist on their urgent demands for minimum necessities of life such as clean weather, water and electricity.

This is just the beginning, the mullahs fear what’s to come, but they are not in power to stop it, the mullahs will fall, and the brave people of Ahvaz will be their downfall.


What is the reason behind Iranian mothers selling their babies?

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There is some alarming news emerging from Iran these days about selling healthy organs, infants, and even unborn babies. All this is a result of the growing poverty amongst the general population in Iran. Even families with steady salaries live below the poverty line


One of the social problems caused by the growing poverty is the number of drug addicts. The official number of drug addicts is 1 350 000, and 10% of them are women and the number is rising. this results in a number of babies for sale on the streets of Tehran. The government is expressing concern around the increasing number of addicted women. But they fail to reveal the culprits behind the rise in drug use all over Iran.

The origin of drug distribution can be traced back to Khamenei and the IRGC. The income from such illegal activities are directed to terrorism and it is used to spread their fundamentalist ideology in the whole ME region. The Iranian regime is probably the biggest drug cartel in the world. It is even in the open that some of the Iranian regime’s  officials and that the IRGC is directly responsible for distributing drugs to students and young Iranians. Young Iranian addicted mothers sell their children in an effort to give their children a better future but the reality is that the children often end up with beggars in the streets.

Not all mothers who feel forced to sell their babies, newborn or unborn are drug addicts but are forced to do this out of poverty, mothers have been forced to sell their children to pay hospital bills for the breadwinner of the family. The increasing number of people living below the line of poverty is alarmingly high in Iran and is constantly rising.

The main reason to this development is the looting behavior of the regime and their families. The mullahs live in billion dollar homes while the average Iranian is living in very poor homes or in the streets. Lately, we have seen disturbing images of poor people living in pre-dug graves.

All this is happening because the mullahs are stealing from all funds that are for the people, funds for senior citizens ends up in the pockets of the mullahs. This forces the families to sell not only babies but also healthy organs on the donor marked to get a little money. The scale of the theft is shocking it is in the billion dollar class. All this is stolen from the average Iranian. The corruption in the regime is one of the main causes of the poverty amongst Iranians and it will not change unless there is a regime change in Iran. The mullahs are thieves and murderers and have no place in the government of Iran.

The mullahs are spending 81 million dollars a month in Syria to keep Assad in power how many families could have been saved with this sum of money? How many children would not have to go to bed hungry? The children on the streets of Tehran are sold for from 5 to 50 dollars. They often end up as drug runners, beggars or sex slaves. How many of these children would have been able to stay with their families if the money was used in Iran instead of spent to kill Syrians?

The only way to fight the poverty in Iran is a regime change, Iran needs a government that has the best interests of the people in mind and not to fill their own pockets. There must be a social system that provides for the families where the breadwinner dies or looses his job. It is a known fact that the increasing number of executions of innocent Iranians is one of the main reasons that the breadwinner of the family dies.

The only solution to this social disaster is to remove the thieves and killers (mullahs) from the government and get a social system that will provide the proper aid to those in need. The Iranian resistance has a ten point plan for a future Iran that is the only solution to this crises, they built their plan on human rights, democracy and equality. this is in the best interests of the people. but all in all, it is up to the people of Iran to vote who will govern Iran after the fall of the mullahs.

Why are journalists getting lashed in Iran?

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If there is any doubt there is no such phrase in the language of the regime, journalists, filmmakers, cartoonists and painters are imprisoned on bogus charges. The Iranian regime fears the expressions of the people. they are very well aware of people’s discontent and are using imprisonment and public flogging to silence all critical voices. By the beginning of 2017, there are 27 journalists and civil writers imprisoned in Iran, not counting the filmmakers, musicians, and painters who are sentenced from 3 to 10 years prison terms. As always Iran is violating a number of human rights.

Iranian journalists Mustafa Barari and Shoaa have received flogging sentences

On October 28, 2012, an Iranian blogger named Sattar Beheshti was arrested and taken to Evin prison. On November 6’th his family was told to come and pick up his body from the Kahrizak detention center. He was one of many that lost their lives because they had the courage to stand up to the clerical regime. The regime gave no explanation of why Beheshti died in detention but fellow prisoners confirm that he have been tortured until his whole body was crushed.

The Iranian judicial authorities often sentence journalists to inhumane and medieval punishment, In the space of a year, at least 4 people have been sentenced to floggingThe latest two journalists that have been sentenced to flogging got 114 lashes and the other got 40 lashes. Flogging has no place in 2017, this is a violation of human rights of enormous proportions and must be condemned by the rest of the world

The explanation of this type of action made by the regime comes from the are fear to hear the truth, Iranians does not believe all propaganda lies from the regime anymore. This due to the rapid growth of social media via the internet. The regime is doing what they can to stop the enlightenment process by restricting all types of internet media but this is futile. The regime agents are busy arresting everyone who writes a post on facebook or on twitter that is not favorable to the regime. The regime is attacking any branch of media in order to keep the Iranian people in the dark. But this will be like pissing upwind, the internet has come to stay and it is growing fast, the regime must face that they do not have 100% control anymore and that will, in the end, result in their downfall.
The wave of murders triggered an outcry in Iran’s reformist media and widespread international condemnation, as a result of which the Iranian authorities set up a commission of inquiry into the deaths. In January 1999, the intelligence ministry formally acknowledged the involvement of some of its operatives and announced the arrest of dozens of suspects

Journalists and intellectuals murdered in iran

artists have also felt the fear of the mullahs, musicians painters, cartoonists, they have all suffered under the hand of the mullahs regime. It is strictly forbidden in Iran to show any picture that is unfavorable to the clerical terror regime. The regime is doing all this to prevent a people’s revolution like the one in 1979 or the uprising in 2009. The regime knows that this time they will not be able to stop an uprising, mainly because there is an exile opposition ready to take over and rebuilt Iran when the mullahs are removed from power. Secondly, the rest of the world have thanks to the internet become aware of all atrocities the regime is committing within its own borders. This has given the resistance the credibility they deserve from the rest of the world. The NCRI is by far a better choice for the governing of Iran and the mullahs know this and are silencing all voices,  by imprisonment or execution.
Iranians used to think they stood alone against the oppressors but thanks to social media they know that the rest of the world are standing with them in their fight for freedom and democracy, this gives them hope, a hope for a new Iran with no more executions or torture with freedom of speech and equality between genders and religions. but above all, it gives them the courage to stand up to the despotic dictatorial terrorist regime.
This actions really boils down to the regime’s fear of losing its power over the Iranian population. And as usual when the regime is afraid they crack down even harder on the Iranian people. the Iranians have to endure the terror of a regime that is using public executions and public flogging to discourage any opposition from protesting against the regime. It is important that we stand in solidarity with our Iranian brothers and sisters and demand all prisoners of conscience’s and political prisoners unconditional release.

A new future for Iran

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After the change of president in the USA, it is time to take a look at the future for Iran. Will the new administration take this opportunity to bring forth a change of regime in Iran?
By supporting the Iranian resistance the new president has a great opportunity to change the whole middle east. It is a known fact that it is the regime in Iran that is behind most of the war crimes committed in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. to bring forth a change it is of utmost importance that the new administration does not repeat the mistakes of the Obama administration regarding Iran. The appeasement policy of Obama led to no visible change for the Iranian population quite the opposite, the rate of wrongful imprisonment and executions has risen at an alarming rate. It also gave the regime free hands to enter the war in Syria where they committed genocide on innocent Syrians
The best option for Iran at this point will be PMOI/ MEK this resistance group has a 10 point plan that is based on the human rights bill.
The clerical regime has no place in the future of Iran, Iran deserves to get peace and democracy, that will be impossible with the current regime. it is important that the world recognizes the wishes of the Iranian people and support the resistance in its work to make Iran into a peaceful, free and democratic state. The resistance has been firm that they will work to create a good relationship with Iran’s neighbors, it is in the best interest of the middle east region that the clerical regime is removed from power. Removal of the regime in Iran will create a ripple effect over the whole region that will give peace to Yemen, Iraq, and Syria.
The Regimes human rights violations are long overdue and the lack of democratic legitimacy should indicate that the regime has no role in the future Iran. Iran has the highest number of executions per capita 3000 people have been executed, many women and juveniles since Hassan Rouhani came to power in 2013 this is not an internal matter and should not go unnoticed by the rest of the world. The US is together with the rest of the world legally bound by the international bill of human rights. America’s commitment to universal principals is not negotiable.
In the future NCRI must have a vital role this to ensure that the revolution is for the best of the Iranian people and in the best interest of the whole region. It is time to let the youth of Iran show what they can do, which will be at best interests of the country. In order to rebuilt Iran, there must be a total renovation of the government and the separation of state and church is a must. The current regime has proven that the church is a bad state manager and that the mullahs have no place I the government of a future Iran. Another important issue is the role of the women In a future Iran, women must be given the same opportunities as the men and must be allowed pursue a career if they wish to do so.