IRGC and Iran’s role in Assad’s recent bombing of Syrian cities.

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A few days before the negotiations started in Geneva Assad intensified the bombing of rebel-held areas both in Damascus and in Idlib. In an attempt to disrupt negotiations Assad intensified the military actions in the opposition-held areas in the outskirts of Damascus. This is done to put the coalition delegations under pressure and force them to pull out of the talks.

In an effort orchestrated by the Iranian regime and its affiliated militia to sabotage the political procedure, the IRGC is boosting its military attacks in Damascus suburb. Iranian regime’s militias, IRGC, prevent humanitarian aid from reaching there and have intensified bombing and shelling of the besieged areas in an attempt to force the residents to leave their homes, similar to what is happening in Sarghaya.

Eastern goutha a suburb of Damascus has been under heavy chemical attacks by Assad and his thugs, this is a known stronghold of the opposition and has been under heavy bombardment since the start of the civil war. The bombing of the area has increased in recent days due to the peace talks in Geneva.

The northern strongholds of the opposition Idlib Province have also been under heavy bombardment. The SDF center in the northern neighborhood of Areeha got partially damaged by Assad’s bombing. Pluss an air strike on Idlib city that killed two and wounded many.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir said in his speech in Munich that Iran was propping up the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and that the Iranian regime was destabilizing the whole region.  The Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, concurred with the Saudi FM and added: “Iran wants to make Syria and Iraq Shiite” he also accused Iran of actions that had undermined security in the region and urging Tehran to promote stability. Erdogan has also in recent weeks accused Iran of promoting a “Persian nationalism” that had damaged the middle east.

A member of the Syrian National Coalition stated “Geneva talks should be focused on transfer of power in Syria as this is an issue that could most likely resolve all other issues on the table, including terrorism. We believe that resuming political talks would be somewhat futile.”

Wadibarada after displacement remains only destruction and fire.

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After the occupation of wadi Barada Assad is doing what he did in Aleppo, forced displacement, residents are forced to evacuate to Idlib province. This will make it very easy for Assad to get rid of his opposition, he is detaining all opposition in Idlib. If he starts carpet bombing the area he will kill hundreds of rebels with each bomb. He is making the rebels into sitting ducks and the world let it happen.

Lately, the Russians have understood what is needed to protect innocent civilians and is very strict about upholding the ceasefire in Syria. one of the rogue armies operating in Syria is the IRGC, they will not give up the chance to make a puppet out of Assad, they need Syria on their side to maintain the land corridor to be able to ship weapons to the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran has no use for a Syria in peace, they need the war to be ongoing to turn eyes away from the atrocities they are committing to their own people. the Iranian regime has up until now shown no respect for the ceasefire and has continuously attacked the civilians in the valley.

Iranian regime terrorist Quds Force Commander in Syria

Prior to the crises IRGC had 2-3000 officers present in Syria to uphold supply routes to Hezbollah, but at present, there are ca. 70 000 Iranian soldiers on Syrian soil. The main reason Iran is fighting in Syria is that if there is a peace agreement signed the war of IRGC will have to be fought in the cities of Iran. The soldiers of IRGC has been behind some of the worst war crimes committed in Syria like genocide in Aleppo and now the slaughter of civilians in wadi Barada. There will be no peace in Syria unless IRGC is evicted from Syria.


To make sure that the world would not know what he was doing to the civilians in wadi Barada Assad cut the internet and electricity to the valley. The Syrian army claims they liberated the valley, newsflash idiot army if they wanted to be liberated, why do they need to be forced out of the valley now? The worst part is that the world press believes Assad’s version of the story. They do not wonder for one second about the reason why the revolution started in the first place. To understand that we must go back to 2011 when 13-year-old Hamza was tortured to death by Assad’s prison guards. People started to protest in the streets with roses in their hands, Assad responded with bullets. More people was arrested and tortured to death. This eventually forced people to defend themselves against Assad’s thugs. And the civil war was a fact. Since that Assad’s propaganda machine has worked day and night to justify the bombing of hospitals, schools, and kindergartens. He has also succeeded in another lie that all who are against him is terrorists. Unfortunately, most of the world believe the lies of Assad and his allies.
It remains to be seen what Assad is doing to fix the water supply to Damascus or if he leaves it polluted until all of Damascus is cleared of rebels?
And how will he deal with the remaining population in Wadi Barada? Will he do as he has done in Aleppo? There is still people unaccounted for after the “liberation” of Aleppo. I suspect that Assad will concentrate on killing the remaining rebels in Idlib to make sure that the revolution is stopped.
In Astana Russia, turkey and USA safe-sones have been set, but there is one problem, not Assad nor the rebels has signed any agreement and for the agreement to be effective those two sides need to sign. IRGC and the Syrian army will continue the fight because both armies know that if they stop the war the days of both regimes are numbered.