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The courageous people of Ahvaz is still protesting.

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The residents of Khuzestan province decided that they would no longer live on their knees but took a stand against the clerical dictators in Tehran. the protests are in its 6th day and it does not seem that the mullahs regime fully understand the gravity of these protests and what impact it will have on their regime. this marks the beginning of the end of the dictators in Tehran, the mullahs will fall and the brave people in Ahvaz and Khuzestan province will be the ones who started the process.

Before we buried under the soil, wake up, uprise


it is now of most importance that the rest of Iran unites with the protesters in Khuzestan against the mullahs regime and stand together against the dictators. As soon as the regime understood that the people would not stop protesting they have lowered the speed of the internet to prevent people upload videos and pictures of the protests, and they have summoned riot police from the neighboring provinces and the Basij militia to try to take control of the situation.


The regime’s answer to the protesters is not that of a solution to their problems but more in the line of “if you do not stop protesting we will use military force to silence your protests”  this is the only type of response that the regime will give the people, mostly because the regime has no interest in providing solutions to the residents in the area because it will mean that there will be less money pouring into the mullahs pockets and that is not an option for the mullahs. the regime has been exploiting the area of Khuzestan province up to a point where they can be compared with the likes of parasites.
The exploitation of Iran’s wealth will not stop before the mullahs are removed from power in Tehran.
On Thursday, February 16th, a number of undercover agents viciously attacked hundreds of people rallying in Teheran’s Vanak Square in support of the protesters in Khuzestan,  they arrested four women.
the NCRI is giving their unconditional support to the protesters and urging them to continue with the rallies. Saluting courageous people, youth and women of Khuzestan, especially distressed people of Ahvaz, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi asked them to intensify their just protests and to insist on their urgent demands for minimum necessities of life such as clean weather, water and electricity.

This is just the beginning, the mullahs fear what’s to come, but they are not in power to stop it, the mullahs will fall, and the brave people of Ahvaz will be their downfall.


Syrian People starved to death in the besieged cities.

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The list is not long but very bloody, there are few cities under siege at the same time but the cities that have been under siege are, Eastern Goutha, Deir Ezzor, Douma, al waer, Kafarya, Foea, Madaya, Aleppo, Tadmur, Wadi Barada, zabadani, Daraa, & Raqqa. It was not easy finding a list of the besieged cities in Syria, but the number of cities that have been under siege at one point or another in the civil war is a much longer list than what we have today.

The most famous besieged city was Aleppo, the eastern part of the city was besieged for a long period of time until the Russians and Assad had bombed out most of the hospitals, schools, and peoples homes. The government forces used every weapon in their arsenal to break down the residents in the area. They even resorted to committing genocide to win. The Assad army would not have been able to occupy Aleppo if they did not have help from foreign fighters like the Hezbollah from Lebanon and the IRGC from Iran. The media coverage given to Aleppo was the reason the rest of the world got to know Assad’s war tactics. The siege of Aleppo was the war crime that made the world aware of the atrocities committed against the Syrian civilians by Assad and his allies.

Deir Ezzor is a town on the banks of Al furat. It is in the eastern part of Syria and is currently under siege from both IS and the Syrian army. Its 180 000 inhabitants are deprived of any humanitarian aid. The government controls the airport and are currently using its position to charge horrific prices for any goods that are entering the city through the airport. ISIS is in control of the bridges to the eastern banks of the river and they are no better than the government when it comes to suppression of the civilians.

Homs, Al Waer neighborhood this part of the city was under siege for tree years, from 2012 to 2015. But it is now under regimes bombardment. The barrel bombs are falling on homes, hospitals, and schools.

Madaya, Bukein and Zabadani are located at the border of Lebanon.the cities have been under siege Since July 2015 until 11 january 2016.  they have strategic value due to their location on the Lebanese border.

Idlib is another city that has been under siege by the Assad Army, they are now under heavy bombardment. The resistance that was living in eastern Aleppo was forced to evacuate to Idlib province after Aleppo was occupied. Many freedom fighters live now under harsh conditions in the Idlib governate and are under daily bombardment of Assad forces.

Also, the Barada valley was under siege for a period of time during this war, the valley is the main provider of clean drinking water for large parts of Damascus.

Eastern Goutha is the last on the list that is feeling the fury of the failing dictator of Syria. Assad and his boss Putin are dropping barrel bombs in an attempt to kill the last of the resistance in Douma with a population of 200 000. They target hospitals and homes to do the most damage. The worst part of the bombing is the double tap, first, the planes drop a barrel bomb and when the rescuers come to save the trapped civilians they drop another bomb on the same location to kill the rescuers. This action is a war crime and must lead to the prosecution of the culprits.

In these past days we have learned of yet another crime that Assad has been committing against innocent Syrian civilians, torture, and murder within prison walls, he has been able to hide the truth up until now but his crimes against his own people are now out in the open. This is crimes he must be prosecuted for.


4 Day Protests in Ahwaz,”Death to tyranny”, “death to repression”

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The crises that emerge in Khuzestan province in the south of Iran is just the latest contribution of neglect from the clerical regime. After years of exploitation of the province’s natural resources the province who once was one of the most fertile areas in Iran has turned into a dessert.

On February 11 this year a number of power stations failed and water and electricity in the most major cities of the province were cut off. This is a result of years of neglected maintenance on the powerplant and water stations. The regime also redirected the river’s Karoon and Karkheh turning the province into a dessert. The excessive building of dams and the oil ministry’s use of cheap and quick methods of oil extraction have dried up the ponds and lakes in the area including the famous Hoor al-Azim wetland and Shadegan lagoon.

This has turned into a national crisis that must be taken seriously by the regime, unfortunately, it is the conduct of the regime that is behind this crises. The people of Ahwaz has finally had enough of the exploitation from the regime and has taken to the streets to protest this injustice. There is no doubt that the reason for this crises is in Tehran, it is a direct consequence of the bad governing by the clerical regime. This is yet another evidence that the regime is expired and must be replaced with a government that is putting the preservation of the natural environment as a priority. Maybe the area can be saved if immediate action is taken to save it.

Also, the residents of the area suffer when the environment is suffering, starvation and different diseases are the results of, no access to clean water. This area was once the food basket of southern Iran but the mullahs have slowly turned into a dessert.

The Iranian mullahs regime is the source of all the acute problems that have caused frequent water and power cut-offs and led to unemployment and various diseases, MRS Rajavi said. She also pointed out: one cannot expect the mullahs the regime’s leaders and officials provide any solutions.

The solution lies in the people’s escalation of protests and uprising to overthrow the regime, there will be no change before there is a regime change in Iran.

The people of Ahwaz have had enough of the regime, for the third day in a row they are out in the streets shouting “death to tyranny” “death to repression”, “we, the people of Ahwaz, won’t accept oppression”, “incompetent officials must be expelled”, “impostor Ebtekar, resign, resign”, “clean air is our right, Ahwaz is our city”, “shame on the state security force”, and “ unite, unite”, it is now time for all of Iran to unite to overthrow the dictators in Tehran they have done enough harm to the Iranian people, people deserve to live in freedom and democracy, that will never happen if the mullahs is ruling.

The NCRI expose IRGC’s Main Terrorist Training Camp for Foreign Nationals

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The NCRI press conference on 14. February 2017 was for the main purpose to expose the terrorist actions of the IRGC and the Iranian clerical regime. The NCRI has evidence of centers where IRGC is training foreign terrorist groups. This is the first time such information is made public.

The Quds force ‘s HQ is located at the Imam Ali military base, approximately 20 kilometers of the Tehran-Karaj highway. The site is comprised of a large complex housing several IRGC garrisons including the Imam Ali garrison. The logistics section of the Imam Ali Garrison called the Mostafa Khomeini Garrison is located separately and has a separate entrance and exit. The Iranian resistance has so far identified 14 training centers belonging to the directorate.  8 of these camps are located in Tehran. The Imam Ali Garrison is the main terrorist training camp for foreign nationals.


One of the heads of this unit is the Quds force commander Qassem Soleimani who is committing war crimes in Syria. it is known that Soleimani was part of the genocide that took place in Aleppo.

In 2015 Guardian Rahimi was the unit commander he was present in Lebanon aiding the Hezbollah. From 2014 Khan was the vice commander of the corps, training management unit in the countries in the region. He was previously stationed in Syria, he was killed in Aleppo.

The maps over this training centers show us that this is a matter to be taken seriously by the world leaders, this must call for actions against IRGC and they must be listed on the Blacklist.

There is no secret that the training centers are vital to IRGC ‘s terrorist actions in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.  In recent years the IRGC has brought a number of its agents from Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia to the Imam Ali Garrison. Terrorist units of the Quds force are dispatched to countries in the Persian gulf area, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The NCRI has confirmed information of the IRGC’s terrorist actions, and this must be taken seriously by all world leaders, the IRGCmust be expelled from the region, only then can there be peace and tranquillity in the region.

Expose the IRGC’s terrorist training camps by NCRI press conference

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In the light of the announced NCRI press conference to expose the IRGC’s terrorist training camps, it is important to shed light on the actions of the Iranian regime that earns them a place on the US blacklist. The latest addition to the crimes committed by the IRGC is a missile test. Iran is strictly forbidden to have any missiles that can carry a nuclear warhead but Iran disregards those sanctions and is developing and testing missiles anyway.

The US reactions on this breach of agreement was that of sharp condemnation and described the action as provocative and irresponsible. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, say this is absolutely unacceptable and we will act accordingly….. we will be loud.  The State Departments Spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement on Tuesday that the US is well aware of and deeply troubled by Iran’s longstanding provocative and irresponsible activities. He also added that it would be wise of Iran to fully implement UN resolution 2231. Which is not part of the nuclear deal but “calls upon Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.”

The US reaction to this action from the Iranian regime must be hard and unmistakable. The regime and their mercenaries IRGC must be blacklisted.

The IRGC’s acts of terror are still growing they have no respect for human life or rights and must be treated accordingly. It is important that IRGC is put on the blacklist but just as important to sanction any deals with Iran. There must be no loopholes in the sanctions and the punishment on those who strikes a  deal with Iran must be severe. It is of utmost importance that the crimes of the IRGC are exposed and that there will be consequences.

According to Al Arabia staff writer, the new administration in Washington is considering new sanctions on Iran because of their actions in Iraq, and Syria and causing instability in the whole middle east region. It is said they are studying several aspects for the sanctions, which one includes the Iran’s Islamic revolutionary guards corps and their meddling in other countries in the region. It is also said that there will be a proposition of putting the IRGC on the list of terrorist organisations alongside the Muslim brotherhood. The next step may be to impose sanctions on Iran for its support to some terrorist groups. The official added the White House could revoke the nuclear deal to punish Tehran for its support to groups in the middle east such as the  Lebanon’s Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen besides other Shiite organisations in Iraq.

The Iranian resistance welcomes new sanctions on the Iranian regime. While the NCRI welcomes the new sanctions, the need for additional sanctions on the IRGC and other entities involved in suppression, terrorism and fundamentalism must be recognised

Imposing sanctions is a step in the right direction to confront the illegitimate and terrorist dictatorship that is responsible for 120 000 political executions. It is imperative that  comprehensive sanctions be imposed on the IRGC, its affiliated entities, the Iranian ministry of intelligence, and other entities involved in suppression and export of terrorism

Why must USA blacklist IRGC?

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On Tuesday 14.02.2017 there will be a press conference at 10.30 AM in Washington DC,  by the NCRI that will shed light on the topic of why the IRGC must be blacklisted. This press conference will reveal IRGC’s terrorist training centers. The list of IRGC crimes is long and bloody and started with the Islamic revolution and is ongoing, they will not stop before the mullahs are removed from power in Iran.

The IRGC is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. And it was created shortly after the Islamic revolution in May 1979. Its main purpose was to ensure that the clerical regime was safe in power of Iran. All dissidents were hunted down and executed in an effort to stop the democracy to flourish in Iran. The IRGC is responsible for the murder of many PMOI members.

Make no mistake, the IRGC is presented as a regular army unit but is known for its terror activities both inside and outside of Iranian borders.

The branch that operates abroad is named the Quds force and are basically the regime’s mercenaries. They are known to have been behind crimes committed against Iran’s neighbors like Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. They are the known arms dealer for the Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen.

The Hezbollah’s origin and ideology stem from the Islamic revolution in Iran. The clerics in Iran called for a religious Muslim government that would represent the oppressed and downtrodden. This is far from the truth, the Hezbollah have been trained by the IRGC to become the oppressors in Syria. Since its creation in 1982, the Hezbollah have gained quite a lot of influence in their homeland Lebanon but they are now known for aiding Assad committing genocide in Syria. The Hezbollah are trained and are getting financial support from IRGC.

The IRGC has a budget of around 10.3 billion dollars and a lot of this funds is used to fuel the war in Syria, in Iraq and in Yemen. The IRGC is determent to create a  Shiite crescent in the middle east with Tehran as its ruler so they are spending around 6 million a year to keep Assad in power. If Assad is overthrown the IRGC will have no land bridge to ship arms to Hezbollah.

The crimes committed by the IRGC in Yemen are just as horrific, they are shipping arms to the Houthis, arms that are used to strike targets inside Saudi Arabian borders.  They are training the Houthis to terrorize the civilians in Yemen and it is a known fact that the IRGC was the provider of the ballistic missile that was aimed for Mecca. This was not only a crime against Saudi Arabia but a crime against the whole Islamic world.

The Attacks on Saudi Arabia are executed by the Houthis but there is no secret that it is IRGC that is training the Houthis to commit these horrible crimes, missiles hit innocent civilians in Saudi Arabia, lately there has been missiles fired upon Saudi Naval vessels in the Red Sea.

Iran has conducted its first missile test since US president Trump took office. According to UNSC resolution 1929 from 2010, Iran is prohibited from undertaking “any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using ballistic missile technology” The Iranian regime has violated that resolution several times.
On 10 October 2015, Iran tested a nuclear-capable EMAD missile with a range of 1700 km and new precision guidance system.
On 21 November 2015, Iran tested the Ghadr 110, range reported being 1500- 2000 km.
On 8 and 9 March 2016, Iran test-fired several missiles including Qiam 1,
On 29 January 2017, Iran tested the medium-range Khorramshahr ballistic missile that flew 600 miles before exploding, in a failed test of a reentry vehicle