Syrian People starved to death in the besieged cities.

The list is not long but very bloody, there are few cities under siege at the same time but the cities that have been under siege are, Eastern Goutha, Deir Ezzor, Douma, al waer, Kafarya, Foea, Madaya, Aleppo, Tadmur, Wadi Barada, zabadani, Daraa, & Raqqa. It was not easy finding a list of the besieged cities in Syria, but the number of cities that have been under siege at one point or another in the civil war is a much longer list than what we have today.

The most famous besieged city was Aleppo, the eastern part of the city was besieged for a long period of time until the Russians and Assad had bombed out most of the hospitals, schools, and peoples homes. The government forces used every weapon in their arsenal to break down the residents in the area. They even resorted to committing genocide to win. The Assad army would not have been able to occupy Aleppo if they did not have help from foreign fighters like the Hezbollah from Lebanon and the IRGC from Iran. The media coverage given to Aleppo was the reason the rest of the world got to know Assad’s war tactics. The siege of Aleppo was the war crime that made the world aware of the atrocities committed against the Syrian civilians by Assad and his allies.

Deir Ezzor is a town on the banks of Al furat. It is in the eastern part of Syria and is currently under siege from both IS and the Syrian army. Its 180 000 inhabitants are deprived of any humanitarian aid. The government controls the airport and are currently using its position to charge horrific prices for any goods that are entering the city through the airport. ISIS is in control of the bridges to the eastern banks of the river and they are no better than the government when it comes to suppression of the civilians.

Homs, Al Waer neighborhood this part of the city was under siege for tree years, from 2012 to 2015. But it is now under regimes bombardment. The barrel bombs are falling on homes, hospitals, and schools.

Madaya, Bukein and Zabadani are located at the border of Lebanon.the cities have been under siege Since July 2015 until 11 january 2016.  they have strategic value due to their location on the Lebanese border.

Idlib is another city that has been under siege by the Assad Army, they are now under heavy bombardment. The resistance that was living in eastern Aleppo was forced to evacuate to Idlib province after Aleppo was occupied. Many freedom fighters live now under harsh conditions in the Idlib governate and are under daily bombardment of Assad forces.

Also, the Barada valley was under siege for a period of time during this war, the valley is the main provider of clean drinking water for large parts of Damascus.

Eastern Goutha is the last on the list that is feeling the fury of the failing dictator of Syria. Assad and his boss Putin are dropping barrel bombs in an attempt to kill the last of the resistance in Douma with a population of 200 000. They target hospitals and homes to do the most damage. The worst part of the bombing is the double tap, first, the planes drop a barrel bomb and when the rescuers come to save the trapped civilians they drop another bomb on the same location to kill the rescuers. This action is a war crime and must lead to the prosecution of the culprits.

In these past days we have learned of yet another crime that Assad has been committing against innocent Syrian civilians, torture, and murder within prison walls, he has been able to hide the truth up until now but his crimes against his own people are now out in the open. This is crimes he must be prosecuted for.


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