The NCRI expose IRGC’s Main Terrorist Training Camp for Foreign Nationals

The NCRI press conference on 14. February 2017 was for the main purpose to expose the terrorist actions of the IRGC and the Iranian clerical regime. The NCRI has evidence of centers where IRGC is training foreign terrorist groups. This is the first time such information is made public.

The Quds force ‘s HQ is located at the Imam Ali military base, approximately 20 kilometers of the Tehran-Karaj highway. The site is comprised of a large complex housing several IRGC garrisons including the Imam Ali garrison. The logistics section of the Imam Ali Garrison called the Mostafa Khomeini Garrison is located separately and has a separate entrance and exit. The Iranian resistance has so far identified 14 training centers belonging to the directorate.  8 of these camps are located in Tehran. The Imam Ali Garrison is the main terrorist training camp for foreign nationals.


One of the heads of this unit is the Quds force commander Qassem Soleimani who is committing war crimes in Syria. it is known that Soleimani was part of the genocide that took place in Aleppo.

In 2015 Guardian Rahimi was the unit commander he was present in Lebanon aiding the Hezbollah. From 2014 Khan was the vice commander of the corps, training management unit in the countries in the region. He was previously stationed in Syria, he was killed in Aleppo.

The maps over this training centers show us that this is a matter to be taken seriously by the world leaders, this must call for actions against IRGC and they must be listed on the Blacklist.

There is no secret that the training centers are vital to IRGC ‘s terrorist actions in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.  In recent years the IRGC has brought a number of its agents from Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia to the Imam Ali Garrison. Terrorist units of the Quds force are dispatched to countries in the Persian gulf area, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The NCRI has confirmed information of the IRGC’s terrorist actions, and this must be taken seriously by all world leaders, the IRGCmust be expelled from the region, only then can there be peace and tranquillity in the region.

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