Why must USA blacklist IRGC?

On Tuesday 14.02.2017 there will be a press conference at 10.30 AM in Washington DC,  by the NCRI that will shed light on the topic of why the IRGC must be blacklisted. This press conference will reveal IRGC’s terrorist training centers. The list of IRGC crimes is long and bloody and started with the Islamic revolution and is ongoing, they will not stop before the mullahs are removed from power in Iran.

The IRGC is the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. And it was created shortly after the Islamic revolution in May 1979. Its main purpose was to ensure that the clerical regime was safe in power of Iran. All dissidents were hunted down and executed in an effort to stop the democracy to flourish in Iran. The IRGC is responsible for the murder of many PMOI members.

Make no mistake, the IRGC is presented as a regular army unit but is known for its terror activities both inside and outside of Iranian borders.

The branch that operates abroad is named the Quds force and are basically the regime’s mercenaries. They are known to have been behind crimes committed against Iran’s neighbors like Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. They are the known arms dealer for the Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen.

The Hezbollah’s origin and ideology stem from the Islamic revolution in Iran. The clerics in Iran called for a religious Muslim government that would represent the oppressed and downtrodden. This is far from the truth, the Hezbollah have been trained by the IRGC to become the oppressors in Syria. Since its creation in 1982, the Hezbollah have gained quite a lot of influence in their homeland Lebanon but they are now known for aiding Assad committing genocide in Syria. The Hezbollah are trained and are getting financial support from IRGC.

The IRGC has a budget of around 10.3 billion dollars and a lot of this funds is used to fuel the war in Syria, in Iraq and in Yemen. The IRGC is determent to create a  Shiite crescent in the middle east with Tehran as its ruler so they are spending around 6 million a year to keep Assad in power. If Assad is overthrown the IRGC will have no land bridge to ship arms to Hezbollah.

The crimes committed by the IRGC in Yemen are just as horrific, they are shipping arms to the Houthis, arms that are used to strike targets inside Saudi Arabian borders.  They are training the Houthis to terrorize the civilians in Yemen and it is a known fact that the IRGC was the provider of the ballistic missile that was aimed for Mecca. This was not only a crime against Saudi Arabia but a crime against the whole Islamic world.

The Attacks on Saudi Arabia are executed by the Houthis but there is no secret that it is IRGC that is training the Houthis to commit these horrible crimes, missiles hit innocent civilians in Saudi Arabia, lately there has been missiles fired upon Saudi Naval vessels in the Red Sea.

Iran has conducted its first missile test since US president Trump took office. According to UNSC resolution 1929 from 2010, Iran is prohibited from undertaking “any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using ballistic missile technology” The Iranian regime has violated that resolution several times.
On 10 October 2015, Iran tested a nuclear-capable EMAD missile with a range of 1700 km and new precision guidance system.
On 21 November 2015, Iran tested the Ghadr 110, range reported being 1500- 2000 km.
On 8 and 9 March 2016, Iran test-fired several missiles including Qiam 1,
On 29 January 2017, Iran tested the medium-range Khorramshahr ballistic missile that flew 600 miles before exploding, in a failed test of a reentry vehicle


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