The hell inside Assad’s torture chambers.

In the past days, there has been revealed more photographic evidence that the horror stories from Assad’s prisons are not just propaganda from the resistance, this is really happening. There are photos of victims in horrible conditions and some of them are tortured so badly that you can say they were tortured to death.

It is a new holocaust in 21 century in Syria By criminal Assad

The prison with most deaths on its record is the Saydnaya prison,  there has come forth reports about secret hangings in unspeakable numbers 60 000 maybe more have been killed for wanting freedom.

And the torture committed in this prison is a black stain on the human rights map. This anonymous concrete trefoil is located 25 km north of Damascus in the middle of a 100-hectare desert compound. This prison has been closed to journalists so nothing has been known about what goes on inside until now.  Eyewitness stories have revealed all the atrocities that have been committed in this prison.  The Amnesty reports reveal that at least 13 000 prisoners have been executed here over the past four years.

The reason we are becoming aware of the crimes committed in this prison now is that former prisoners are sharing their horror stories with the world, we get first-hand witness reports about the torture committed in this prison.

The number of deaths in Syrian prisons is uncertain but we know it is more than 60 000 prisoners have been executed or tortured to death in the past 5 years. A British-based observatory has put together a list of 14 465 names—including 110 children—who have died in the regime’s prisons since 2011 approximately 500 000 people have been arrested, some have died, been executed or released but the whereabouts of thousands of detainees remain unknown.

On the 9th of February 2016, the UN Human rights council told the world they had revealed evidence of gruesome and rampant violence committed against Syrian detainees in Assad’s prisons over the past 4 years of the civil war. The torture committed would be beatings, electrocutions, starvation and rape.  The gravity of the crimes committed can be compared with the atrocities against the Iranian people after the mullahs stole power in Iran.

The latest addition to the missing list is thousands of civilians that were detained after the occupation of Eastern Aleppo, the whereabouts of the many men and boys detained are still unknown. And the list of missing persons is growing rapidly as Assad is continuing denying the Syrian people their freedom.

The NCRI has rightfully compared the crimes of Assad with the crimes of the Iranian mullahs, the 1988 massacre. Assad is doing the same to innocent Syrian civilians. The NCRI is condemning Assad for this horrific crime against humanity. It is a reality that the Iranian IRGC is a part of these atrocities and must be expelled from the ME region. The NCRI states that peace and tranquility in the region are only possible with the eviction of the Iranian regime from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries in the region, and the removal of regimes and militias affiliated to the Iranian regime.


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