Minorities have no enemy worse than Iran’s clerical regime.

It is no secret that the Iranian regime is doing all in their power to silence or kill Kurds in Iran. This conduct has been on the regime’s agenda since they highjacked the revolution in 1979. Ever since that day, it has been dangerous to be Kurdish and Sunni Muslim. The number of executions of Kurds is rising and most of the innocent Kurds killed by the regime are human rights activists or even priests.

Execution ٴfield of Kurdish political prisoners in Kurdistan by IRGC in 1979


In recent news, we can read that the IRGC is killing poor Kurds who try to make a living by taking goods across the Iraq – Iran border. For many families, this is the only way to avoid starvation.  Many of the Kurdish political prisoners are deprived of medical treatment and are tortured on a daily basis. The daily struggle for food is hard for the general Iranian population but is even harder if you have a different religion then the dictatorial mullahs.

The situation is no better for the Christians in Iran they are also being hunted by the thugs of the regime. Mostly they are accused of attempting “soft overthrow” of the clerical regime or some other just as ludicrous accusations. Often the charges are kept secret from the accused, they have no idea what crime they are accused of committing.  Many of the political prisoners in Iran are sentenced to prison terms that are so out of proportion compared to the crime they are accused of committing.

Christians have existed in Iran for centuries and many religions have lived together in harmony.


The same goes for the prisoners of conscience, they are in jail for defending human rights or providing help to those in need. And the prison terms are just as horrific. They are often deprived of medical treatment or visits from family. They are tortured on a daily basis. We have seen that the political prisoner is not released after their prison terms are served. They are being held hostage by the regime.  The criminalist of the regime is long and it is getting longer by the minute. This conduct will not stop until the clerical regime is removed from power.

The Zarthosth or the Bahai get the same treatment from the regime, it is a crime against the regime to have a different faith than being Shiite. The regime is using propaganda to make the rest of the world believe the lies that there is freedom of religion in Iran. The regime is doing all in their power to silence all critical voices even if that means murdering innocent people, the regime knows that their days are numbered and are using any means available to stay in power.

Bahai faith are regarded in Mullahs regime as infidels and suffered persecution


Everyone that is not Shiite Muslim is harassed, arrested and sentenced to outrageous prison terms, very often tortured in prison and some of them get executed. The rest is doomed to a life where suppression starvation and homelessness is the new normal.

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