Why does AP distribute fake news about MEK?

First, we need to establish who are MEK? And how did this resistance group come to exist? The MEK/PMOI have been fighting for freedom and democracy in Iran for the past 51 years. It started with 3 students who fought the dictatorship of the Shah and continued after the mullahs hijacked the 1979 revolution from the Iranian people. since then the group has been fighting to establish a free and democratic Iran. They are working with a ten point plan as their goal for Iran, this plan is based on the human rights bill and is against the death penalty, torture, and inequality between genders and religions. In a free Iran, the government will be elected by the people for the people. this is what MEK is fighting for.
The reason why the fake news about MEK is appearing now is because the clerical regime is very well aware of the risks for their existence since the new administration in Washington most likely is not going to renew the nuclear deal that Obama made with the regime. This will mean that the regime will not have billions of dollars to fund their terror groups around the middle east region. And when that happens they will have to fight for their lives in the streets in Iran. This will be a battle they have no chance of winning.

Unfortunately, there are many people around the world who do not know what the Iranian resistance is fighting for, they believe the lies of the regime that the resistance are terrorists, but that is far from the truth if u take a look at IRGC the revolutionary guard corps u will see who the real terrorists are. The regime knows that their days are numbered if the nuclear deal is not renewed therefore they ar using any means necessary to blacklist the MEK to draw attention away from the murders and torture they are committing against innocent civilians in Iran.
Something that is very disturbing about this fake news is not that it is published now, it was expected at this time, the regime must try to make the world believe that the MEK is the bad guy to prevent cooperation between MEK and the new administration in Washington. The regime knows If US decides to work with MEK their days as the government of Iran is over. No the most disturbing about this is that the world news actually believes the lies. They do not even check if the news is fake or not they just print what the regime is paying them to print.

But the new administration in Washington is not so easily fooled, they see the truth behind all regime lies and will do the right thing and give new sanctions on the Iranian regime.

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