What is the reason behind Iranian mothers selling their babies?

There is some alarming news emerging from Iran these days about selling healthy organs, infants, and even unborn babies. All this is a result of the growing poverty amongst the general population in Iran. Even families with steady salaries live below the poverty line


One of the social problems caused by the growing poverty is the number of drug addicts. The official number of drug addicts is 1 350 000, and 10% of them are women and the number is rising. this results in a number of babies for sale on the streets of Tehran. The government is expressing concern around the increasing number of addicted women. But they fail to reveal the culprits behind the rise in drug use all over Iran.

The origin of drug distribution can be traced back to Khamenei and the IRGC. The income from such illegal activities are directed to terrorism and it is used to spread their fundamentalist ideology in the whole ME region. The Iranian regime is probably the biggest drug cartel in the world. It is even in the open that some of the Iranian regime’s  officials and that the IRGC is directly responsible for distributing drugs to students and young Iranians. Young Iranian addicted mothers sell their children in an effort to give their children a better future but the reality is that the children often end up with beggars in the streets.

Not all mothers who feel forced to sell their babies, newborn or unborn are drug addicts but are forced to do this out of poverty, mothers have been forced to sell their children to pay hospital bills for the breadwinner of the family. The increasing number of people living below the line of poverty is alarmingly high in Iran and is constantly rising.

The main reason to this development is the looting behavior of the regime and their families. The mullahs live in billion dollar homes while the average Iranian is living in very poor homes or in the streets. Lately, we have seen disturbing images of poor people living in pre-dug graves.

All this is happening because the mullahs are stealing from all funds that are for the people, funds for senior citizens ends up in the pockets of the mullahs. This forces the families to sell not only babies but also healthy organs on the donor marked to get a little money. The scale of the theft is shocking it is in the billion dollar class. All this is stolen from the average Iranian. The corruption in the regime is one of the main causes of the poverty amongst Iranians and it will not change unless there is a regime change in Iran. The mullahs are thieves and murderers and have no place in the government of Iran.

The mullahs are spending 81 million dollars a month in Syria to keep Assad in power how many families could have been saved with this sum of money? How many children would not have to go to bed hungry? The children on the streets of Tehran are sold for from 5 to 50 dollars. They often end up as drug runners, beggars or sex slaves. How many of these children would have been able to stay with their families if the money was used in Iran instead of spent to kill Syrians?

The only way to fight the poverty in Iran is a regime change, Iran needs a government that has the best interests of the people in mind and not to fill their own pockets. There must be a social system that provides for the families where the breadwinner dies or looses his job. It is a known fact that the increasing number of executions of innocent Iranians is one of the main reasons that the breadwinner of the family dies.

The only solution to this social disaster is to remove the thieves and killers (mullahs) from the government and get a social system that will provide the proper aid to those in need. The Iranian resistance has a ten point plan for a future Iran that is the only solution to this crises, they built their plan on human rights, democracy and equality. this is in the best interests of the people. but all in all, it is up to the people of Iran to vote who will govern Iran after the fall of the mullahs.


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