Why must IRGC be blacklisted?

First I give you a short background story of the IRGC so you better understand why it was created and by whom.

The IRGC ( Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) was founded after the revolution on 5’th of May in 1979. Its main task is to hunt down and exterminate opposition inside Iran,  that is considered domestic enemies, and to boost its global influence by aiding/ arming foreign terrorist organizations. The IRGC is under the direct control of the supreme leader and answers only to him. The IRGC has approximately 125 000 soldiers divided into different branches, the best known are the Quds force. IRGC also controls the paramilitary Basij militia which has about 90 000 active personnel but there are ca. 11.2 million volunteers  (official data).

The Basij militia is a terror group that commits terrorism inside the Iranian borders against innocent Iranians. Thousands of innocent Iranians have lost their lives at the hands of this paramilitary force that is mainly controlled by IRGC.In the 2009 uprising, it was the Basij militia who was behind the deaths of protesters that got killed in the streets.

IRGC’s Quds force is focusing on foreign assignments. It provides training, funds and supplies weapons to extremist groups. In Yemen, they fund, arm and train Houthis to commit terror against the legal government, they also provided the missile that was aimed towards Mecca. Hezbollah in Lebanon is another terrorist group that is funded by IRGC, they have lately committed war crimes in the Syrian war. The IRGC is supporting Shiite militia in Iraq that is committing genocide against Sunni Muslims in northern Iraq.

The war crimes committed by IRGC itself is the genocide in Aleppo in northern Syria and now murdering of civilians in Wadi Barada just outside of Damascus. The list of crimes committed by IRGC and their proxies is long and bloody. IRGC’s main task is to give Iran’s clerical regime an upper hand in the middle east region by creating and upholding all wars in the region. The clerical regime is using IRGC to try to establish a Shiite crescent with Tehran as the ruler. IRGC has free hands to commit crimes in neighboring countries to strengthen the regime’s influence in the middle east region.

There is strong evidence that the IRGC is a terror organization and must be blacklisted by all countries in the world. It is important that the war crimes and genocide that IRGC is behind, get them expelled from the middle east region. Irans Arabic neighbors have time and time again stated that the IRGC and Iran regime is committing terror against their civilians. We must show the Arab world that we take them seriously and support their claim of putting IRGC on the terrorist list, IRGC should and must be blacklisted.

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