The Plasco Building Collapsed, when will Mullahs regime collapse?

In the aftermath of the fire and collapse of the Plasco building in Tehran on January 19, there have been many issues regarding the lack of crises management and the lack of up to date equipment for the Tehran fire department. The government is putting the blame of the disaster on the manager of the building, but it must be the owner’s responsibility to uphold safety regulations.

The Plasco building was built in 1962 and was owned by a branch under the IRGC. The building has not had any maintenance since it was built and the building was in poor state at the time of the disaster. It contained both workshops and a shopping center.
The government claims that there was issued safety warnings for the building 14 times in the past few years, what is the use of warnings if they are not followed up and sanctions being made if the discrepancies are not corrected.
The authorities have issued 14 warnings, if this was true that means that they knew the building was not following safety regulations and failed to shut it down. And therefore are equally guilty of this disaster.

Secondly, the fire department did not have state of the art equipment according to a report they received just 54 billion tomans of the 120 billion that was set for them in the budget for 2016. The big question is, where is the rest of the fund? In the pocket of the mullahs? The fire department did not have a chance to prevent this disaster first of all their firehose did not reach above the tenth floor. And the water pressure was not sufficient to extinguish the fire. Sufficient fire equipment could have prevented the collapse of the building.There has been issued warnings of a possible disaster in case of fire but none of the warnings was taken seriously by the owner IRGC.
In the aftermath of the disaster, the transportation committee in the city council of Tehran has called for the resignation of Bagher Ghalibaf, the mayor of Tehran.witch is a legit request but, What strikes me as strange is that the news about the collapse and the rescue of those trapped in the rubble has been prevented by the regime, why? What are they hiding or trying to cover up?
A member of the fake city council of Tehran Rahmatollah Hafez admitted that the fire department has just received 54 billion of the 120 billion issued for equipment. But they have lied about it and claimed that the department has received all of the funded money. There must be an inquiry to retrieve the rest of the fund and transfer it to the fire department.


Building in Tehran raises concerns whether the Iranian capital should be relocated from its seismically dangerous region for the risk of Devastating Earthquakes.

A mullah has stated that the regime is in danger of collapsing like the Plasco building. this is what frightens the regime most and with good reason. The regime is trying to keep Iran as it was when they hijacked the people’s revolution in 1979 and are using any means available to do so, more suppression and executions.
The wind of change is sweeping over Iran, the introduction of social media via the internet has resulted in more restrictions and censure of all types of media. Iranian youth is looking and wish for freedom and democracy for their people. and they rust to the only alternative for mullahs regime that is symbolized in Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)
The conclusion after viewing the evidence is that, yes the disaster could have been prevented if the proper authorities had done their job, upholding safety regulations and funds to the fire department.
And yes the mullah is right, this marks the beginning of the end for the dictatorial regime of Iran.

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