What is the increase of executions in Iran a sign of ?

Since the turning of the new year the executions in Iran has increased at an alarming rate. Previous experience tells us that when the regime feels that its power is threatened they respond by executing more prisoners. There have been 57 executions in Iran in 2017, from January first to mid-January.
the office of the spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General called on Iran regime to drop the case of execution of  juvenile

Protest To condemn Juvenile Executions 

The inhumane Iranian regime hanged a prisoner in the Kerman prison on Sunday, January 15 at 7:45 am and also hanged another prisoner on Thursday, January 12 in the central prison of the city of Hamadan.
The anti-human Iranian regime collectively hanged 20 prisoners on Saturday, January 14 in the Gohardasht and Ghezelhesar prisons in the city of Karaj. The regime also hanged two prisoners in the central prison of Lakan in Rasht, and another one in the northern town of Sari.

The Iranian presidential election is due to take place shortly. The word “election” must be used quite loosely because it is more of an announcement about who has been chosen to be president.

This is a clear sign of the regime’s fear of losing its death grip on the Iranian population. The officials even executed a young man even before his trial was ended and he had not been sentenced yet. This conduct shows that most trials in Iran are bogus, the verdict is decided before the trial starts and some trials last only 5 minutes. This kind of actions should be taken to Haag and the whole Iranian regime should be prosecuted since they are the culprits behind this atrocity.
The regime’s greatest fear is to get a new uprising like the one in 2009, they know that if there is to be a new uprising they will most likely fall from their throne. When the new revolution comes, the mullahs know that their days are numbered they know that they will be punished for all the theft from different funds, all the theft made by the mullahs are documented so it will be easy to get them prosecuted and sentenced.

People Uprising 2009 Tehran

The mullahs are understandably doing what they can to silence all voices of protest. The people of Iran have in the last months launched protests all over Iran to show their discontent with the regime and this is shaking the regime at its core. Iranians have been shown the grave sleepers, people who are so deep in poverty that they have made the pre-dug graves their home.
Most Iranians are fed up with the regime and are willing to die for freedom, democracy, and equality. PMOI and MEK are fighting for an Iran where religion and state are separated and the law is based on human rights. And therefore, more and more Iranians are supporting the resistance. Iran needs a government that acknowledges all religions as equal and there is gender equality.

The growth of social media has awoken an urge in Iranian youth to get out of the dark ages and they are not afraid to confront the regime. The regime is trying to prevent this by stealing and destroying people’s satellite dishes and to forbid or restrict internet use.

In the end, the regime will fall to the will of the people, the revolution will come and Iran will finally be free.

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