Prison is no place for a mother

On the 25’th of January 2017, Shahnaz Akmali, the mother of Mostafa Karim Beigi, was arrested by agents of the ministry of intelligence at her workplace.
Shahnaz was the mother of Mostafa who was one of the protesters in the 2009 uprising, he was killed by government officials by a gunshot to the head.
Prior to her arrest, Shahnaz has been warned about restrictions of holding a memorial service for her son.On the day of her arrest, she was taken to her home where agents searched her house and The agents confiscated all her properties.afterward, she was transferred to an unknown location.

On January 27’th Shahnaz could in a brief phone call inform her family that she was held in Ward 209 in Evin prison.  She also informed her family that a bail of 100 million Toman has been issued for her. but when her family came to pay her bail of 100 000 000  touman the authorities refused to release her.

Shahnaz has dedicated most of her income to provide for families that have lost their main supporter due to executions or murder by the hands of government officials. she is a kind and caring woman who did what she could to help and heal the bereaved families.  She does not belong in prison.

Shahnaz’s story is not unique, it has become the new normal in Iran to arrest mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters of politically active Iranians, the regime is by this act sending a message to all political opponents that, if you are opposing the regime not only you will be punished (most likely sentenced to long imprisonment or death) but also the rest of your family.  This is a horrible violation of human rights and must be opposed. We must put pressure on the Iranian regime and show them that this kind of behavior is not acceptable, we must urge the world leaders to stop dealing with this regime of killers until they are forced to obey the human rights bill.  Until now the regime has had no protests from any government about the way they treat the Iranian population, this must change. Only by denying deals, and by giving sanctions can we put enough pressure on the Iranian regime to release Shahnaz Akmali and all other Iranians that are wrongfully in prisons all over Iran. But the sanctions must be firm and consistent, there must be no way any company can work around the sanctions and there must be illegal to make any kind of deals with the regime until they sign to follow the human rights bill. The mullahs fear of a people’s uprising has resulted in a rise in executions, this is a good indication for the crumbling power of the mullahs.

The wind of freedom is sweeping across Iran in these days and the days of the mullahs are numbered.

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